Earlybird Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Ebis is a most reliable and a rapidly growing outsourcing company by establishing global presence quickly and highest level of customer satisfaction. Ebis works on its unique philosophy, mission and methodology to deliver accurate and quality HealthCare Service & Support, BPO Services, IT Solutions, and Logistic services.

Ebis is having domain expertise and operation excellence to understand our clients business values. Our consulting led approach to deliver business solutions makes us unique from others.

Ebis is rising swiftly in offshore outsourcing industry by building long term client relationship. Ebis serves several clients of various industries with its competitive, cost beneficial and brisk services.


Ebis was initiated with the vision to provide an optimum level of client satisfaction. Our quality outsourced services work well across a variety of domains, thereby saving you an appreciable cost, time, efforts & helping you concentrate on your business goals. Ebis strives to be your trusted partner in your journey. The vision is to add value to our customer’s long-term sustainable growth with our streamlined services. Ebis has a team of due diligent experts who are all well aware of their specific tasks. We are a certified outsourcing service provider well aware of the strategies & techniques to help the clients who rely on our services. One of the most trusted BPO outsourcing companies providing quality services.


We are a leading Business Processing Outsource service provider which boasts off high-quality service. We strive to achieve highest level of accuracy, & supreme level of delivery with our experience acquired over the years. Ebis acts as an extension to your business to help boost performance. We handle the tasks for your business to help you focus on your core competencies. Agility & swift transition of work is adeptly handled by us. Security – We make sure that our processes are compliant with standard data security & privacy conditions.we strive to utilize all the indispensable practices to guarantee the safety of your crucial data.

Our Values

Ebis possesses strong set of values that aim to support business growth while creating a sense of belonging. They touch upon business areas, existing corporate culture and country of operation. 


We strive for excellence by adopting an approach of making every challenge a success. As it is rightly said by Aristotle, "Excellence is not an act but a habit“.



We encourage and nurture open communication and dialogue with internal and external stakeholders in order to continuously raise the bar of improvement.



We interact closely with customers by creating and sharing knowledge that adds value and is relevant.


Pursue innovation so as to harness cutting edge technology, using insights to invent a better future that makes healthcare serve fairly, productively and consistently.



We ensure the highest levels of personal and instructional ethics and integrity. We take pride in making honest commitments and striving to consistently honoring them.